Lose up to 10kg and totally transform your life!
"Channel 10’s The Biggest Loser
changed up its formula and introduced the country to the idea of a total life transformation. But Caloundra locals and Weight Loss Coaches Jaxon and Jess Calder have been taking this approach for years and have already helped over 3,800 locals to not just shed 15,821.18 collective kilos but to totally transform their lives."

Jaxon Calder says,
"In the 6 weeks you lose up to 10kg, some will lose more. However the magic happens in our Transformation Process; all our participants finish feeling like a different person with a different view on life. In the challenge we work on Mental, Physical, Nutritional, Social and Lifestyle transformation!"

"I am doing the challenge because I don't want to feel insecure when I catch up with old friends" - Renee
"I want to be a fit and healthy mum so I can keep up with my kids" - Joanne
"I want to lose the weight I gained during menopause and start taking control of my life again" - Peta
What's included?
So what normally goes here is a list of everything the challenge includes and everything you will experience, however due to our challenge's unique approach of weight loss and transformation we do everything person to person.

So if you would like to find out more, please enquire below!

What we can tell you is we only take 25 Participants per challenge and we only do 4 challenges a year, so DON'T MISS OUT
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Please register your details below to save a place and receive a call from a transformation team member, if you have a question or request please feel free to place it in the comments section. 

Thank you, 
The Lean for Life Team.
Sarah Dukes
"I lost 13kg in 6 weeks"

Lauren Petrelli
"I lost 12kg in the 6 weeks & turned my life around"
Renae Louis
"-15kg over two challenges, I am  a different person"

Renee Guthrie
"I now suffer no pain or fatuige since I started the challenge"
Cristy Bongiorno
"I lost 8kg during the 6 week challenge"

Kris Webster-Lawson
"7.7kg gone"
Linda Summerton
"4.5kg + a more energetic life"  
Katherine Torbit
"9kg lighter and explored a new side of life"
Caroline Perks
"7.5kg as a nan isn't bad"

Lindi Mendham
"an unexpected 6kg""
Adele Fisher
"I lost 6.5kg" 
Cheryl Osborn
"Im 60, with a bad knee and lost 10kg"